The Funky Cow, Hammonton, NJ


Hammonton once was a town I’d sigh and swoon for as we drove through on our way to Cape May.

Thanks to Coffeehouse Adventures, we began to grow more familiar with Hammonton and instead of flying through, we’d stop, walk around a little, grab coffee, a bite to eat, and continue on our way.

One of us would note how one of their Italian restaurants shares a name with one of our favorite restaurants near home and habitually add on, “We should try them sometime.”

For Hubby’s birthday, we finally brought this comment to life, and while our dinner was perfectly wonderful, it was dessert which took the spotlight.


I have been begging Hubby for a cow portrait like this for months now

As we pulled up to the restaurant, I noticed Funky Cow and commented, “Has that place been there the whole time?”, hoping desperately I hadn’t been so blind as to miss out on such a unique place during the dozens of times we’ve driven through this little town.

A quick chat with the owner later and we realized, no, we hadn’t been ignorant to this adorable little novelty, it has only been around for a handful of months.


The foodie focus of Funky Cow is their waffles, and in chatting with the owner we learned he’s pretty passionate about them. He developed a savory waffle for his waffle sandwiches* and a sweet one for desserts.

*Including a Cuban waffle. I need this in my life. Stat.


The first thing which hit me as we walked through the front door was the decor. Brilliantly bright cow portraits* are spaced out on the walls, the color scheme of shimmery blues and lively lime greens stands out among the dark wood flooring, benches, and tables.

*I want them all.


We visited close to closing time, so we were fortunate to have the owner’s undivided attention. He walked us through the menu and gave suggestions on what to order. We laughed at his question of, Will you be sharing this one?, after I ordered the Apple-Ala-Mooooo.

We may have just eaten a full Italian dinner only minutes ago, but there was no way we’d be sharing one waffle.

That’s the point of having a spouse, no? Getting to try two different things at restaurants, bakeries, etc., right?



Not all waffles are created equal, can we agree on that?

Funky Cow is serving up waffles of a high quality, the kind you wish every diner across America was making. Paired with their creamy custard and warmed maple syrup, any of the other additions are just bonuses.*

*The apples were incredible and the popcorn a surprisingly delicious twist.

I know next time I go I’ll be trying something savory, but would it really be wrong to have a savory and a sweet waffle in one sitting?

Funky Cow Cafe
224 Bellview Avenue
Hammonton, NJ


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