Casciano Coffee Bar, Hammonton, NJ


I have become rather needy during my Coffeehouse Adventures. Needy as in I need to visit the coffeehouse at least twice before making a final decision on it.

There have been a few, a few that made The List and others I have visited on my own, that I have put the ole X through marking them never to return to again.

Some places you just know from the first visit. Others, they need time.

On first visit to Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery I couldn’t easily form an opinion. I ordered a Caramel Casciano and it was as sweet as I expected but didn’t exactly knock my socks off. Lance’s vanilla iced latte, however, was the most beautiful combination of espresso, milk, ice and vanilla.


Casciano is located about a third of the way through our drive to Cape May and about halfway through our drive to Atlantic City.

I have literally been passing this place for years and never knew it existed.

On our first visit, we didn’t get any sweets. That was obviously a mistake.

In addition to sweets ranging from cupcakes and biscotti to donuts and even dog treats, Casciano also serves salad-in-a-jar and Hale and Hearty soups.


While heading out for a night of shopping and Christmas light gazing in Cape May I found myself struggling to keep my eyes open during the almost two-hour drive. I suppose a nap would have been okay in any normal car, but not ours. Whenever we take road trips, that is our time to catch up on the Game of Thrones books.*

*Yes, we are nerds.

So, needless to say, Hubby was getting a little annoyed that my head kept tilting to the right.*

*Actually, he was laughing at me. But saying he was annoyed creates more drama.

Knowing I needed to give Casciano another shot, wanting to give their house blend a try and desperately needing something to wake me up; I asked Hubby to stop.

This time, I not only got a coffee, but I grabbed a chocolate almond biscotti as well. I hate when biscotti is so dry that it tastes like you are crunching on stale bread. This biscotti was divine. It was not crunchy, but had an easy bite filled with chocolatey goodness and delicious nutty flavor.

The coffee was exactly how I always want coffee to be: not too strong, not too weak. Topped off with a drizzle of cream and a sprinkle of sugar it was everything I needed to stay awake the rest of the ride to Cape May.*


*I may or may not have guzzled my coffee down in less than ten minutes. It was that delicious.

Check out Casciano’s story here and stop by next time you find yourself headed for the shore. My favorite part of this cozy little coffeehouse is the art by local watercolor artist, Marie Natale, proudly displayed on their main wall.

Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery, 212 Bellevue Avenue, Downtown Hammonton


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