Crêpe Cake

One random Friday night somewhere during the time I began really baking, I decided to try my hand at a crêpe cake. It seemed like an awe-inspiring dessert to bring to a family dinner that night. Up until then, the extent of my from-scratch baking was cakes and cookies, hardly reaching a complex mastery level … More Crêpe Cake

Homemade Cream Puffs

It’s been some time since I’ve done a homemade food post…and that makes me sad. Alright, this isn’t totally true. I literally just posted about my experience making pasta for the first time. But this is different. Today I’m going to tell you how ridiculously simple cream puffs are to make. Not bad for a … More Homemade Cream Puffs

Dessert for Breakfast?

Thanksgiving breakfast is the most exciting, exhausting, laughter inducing, sweat producing, joyful, cozy, carb-a-licious event of my entire year. Translation: It’s my favorite. On Thanksgiving Eve, my kitchen transforms into a bakery and anyone in my path is given a task…alright, several tasks…to complete. Dish drying and chocolate drizzling… …egg separating and recipe reading For … More Dessert for Breakfast?

Holy Donut, Batman!

You know I like food with a twist. So, donuts made with potatoes as one of their ingredients? Yeah…it was a must try. Funnily enough, a few weeks before going on this little road trip, I made cinnamon rolls with potato. In the recipe, mashed potato was their ‘secret to light-as-air rolls’. Apparently, it adds … More Holy Donut, Batman!

Cookie Monstah, Boston

Food trucks are one of my favorite things. They have taken this common concept of selling food on street corners and have sophisticated and specified their offerings to a point that the quality of the goods is often equal to or better than that of many restaurants. No matter how we plan for finding food … More Cookie Monstah, Boston

Boston Birthday

Although my birthday fell during our recent road trip of the New England states, and though I feel with certainty this next statement will not be believed, I will say it anyway. This was not a birthday trip. How can you know this is true? Well, of all the places we visited, Boston would not have … More Boston Birthday