Peace Pie

I never appreciated pie until a few years ago. Before then, I had a few mandatory bites of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, would grin and bear my way through a cold apple pie if it was the dessert of choice at a friend’s house, but never, ever, requested on my own the presence of pie … More Peace Pie

Goodbye, Summer

My birthday has always marked the end of summer for me. Despite the first day of autumn occurring closer to September’s end than its beginning, the first day of September seems to demand its arrival. In the spirit of bidding summer an official farewell this week, I give you a photo series of my birthday … More Goodbye, Summer

Topgolf, Edison, NJ

I’m not a big bowler. I’ve tried, and it’s an activity that aggravates me. Lifting a weighted ball with one arm and throwing it in a straight line towards pins is simply a skill I do not naturally possess nor desire to perfect. I do, however, enjoy the environment. Friends, food, fun…yup, it’s all my … More Topgolf, Edison, NJ

Stone Harbor, NJ

This summer our beach season is about delving into the unknown and experiencing all that the coast of New Jersey has to offer. After downloading the NJ Monthly Jersey Shore Guide app last year, the number of beaches listed, and the small number I had actually been to, shocked me. The goal this summer is … More Stone Harbor, NJ

Adventure Aquarium

We found a pretty sweet Groupon a few months back that saved us $5 per ticket to the Adventure Aquarium and free admission to their current 4D movie. With Lance’s aquarium love and the fact we haven’t been to Adventure Aquarium together since our first anniversary, we didn’t wait a moment to purchase this Groupon.* … More Adventure Aquarium