1984 on Broadway

In June, I received a text from Hubby about a new show on Broadway. Now friends, this is a little unusual, because, let’s be real, 90% of the shows Hubby has seen on Broadway have been for me. One of his few favorites was an off Broadway production of Pygmalion*. *And, you guessed it, not … More 1984 on Broadway

Four for Friday

Sometimes there are things which beg to be shared, but don’t lend themselves to an entire post. Sometimes, they are things I’ve been doing recently. Other times, they are things I’d like to rant about, but know better than to devote an entire blog post to. Welcome, Four for Friday. 1. Last weekend, I went … More Four for Friday

Generation Selfie

I’m often an overly emotional person. Outwardly I fool people with my mean muggin’, but deep down I’m processing every little detail going on. Our most recent trip to New York started on a somber note with our trip to the 9/11 Memorial (LINK), so by the time we reached Lady Liberty, I was already … More Generation Selfie