Radio Gaga

I’ve told myself I was done blogging. But, gosh darn it, I’ve missed it. I’ve thought on and off about other ways to keep such a perfect chronicle of my life happenings and among the options included were: keeping a Word document (too easy to forget about/get lost with countless other files), a diary (my brain … More Radio Gaga

Four for Friday!

1. Mac Mart In case you’ve been living a life of seclusion in a shack you built on your own a la Ted Kaczynski style* and this blog is your only source of connection with the real world**, I’ll give you the biggest news of this past week: the Eagles won the Super Bowl. *See … More Four for Friday!

Four for Friday!

Today’s Four for Friday is brought to you by three things I love: shoes, the Bible, and coffee.* *Not necessarily in that order. 1. Shoes I’ve become obsessed with this classic shoe style which has recently gained a modern twist. I did a little research on this slip-on shoe and found that in the 16th-19th … More Four for Friday!

Happy New Year!

I’m a planner by nature. In January 2017, I knew the year held our anniversary trip to Hawaii, a family cruise to the Caribbean*, lots of writing and even more croissant making. And all those plans suited me just fine. *More on that later. I didn’t know the year would hold my first drive into … More Happy New Year!

Four for Friday!

How is it the middle of December already? Can someone please press the pause button on my holiday season? Before you know, it will be Easter and everyone will be looking at me funny because I’m still singing Christmas tunes. I have three different ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ decorations in my house which stay up … More Four for Friday!