Why The Real Jersey?

At a wedding in Connecticut, where all the guests were from Connecticut with the exception being my family and the bride’s family, we were seated with a couple who began asking where we were from. The moment we said Jersey, the wife’s eyes widened, she inched to the edge of her chair, pushed her face forward and said, “So, are you guys like…you know, Jersey Shore?”

Um, no.

So, is this just about Jersey?

I wish I could say this is a blog solely about New Jersey, but like me, it originates here in Jersey and dips its finger into any nearby pool of fascination. I can, however, say that each post is every bit New Jersey as it gets by way of a sarcastic, direct, unapologetic, I-did-it-my-way attitude.

But don’t fault Jersey for its rough around the edges exterior. If you give us a chance, you’ll see we’re more than fast drivers, reality television, and pizza.*  We are the Garden State, after all, with much to see in gorgeous farmland, wide open landscapes, and quirky small towns.

*Alright, maybe not that last one.

As a lover of good food and spontaneous travel, this blog is my way of sharing the eats and the sights I am fortunate enough to enjoy in New Jersey and beyond.




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