Montclair Bread Co., Montclair

Donuts* have become the new cupcakes.

*Serious debate time, friends. Which one is it? Donut or Doughnut? I tend to lean towards donut, and the awful truth of why, I think, is simply because it is shorter to write.

For those of us who grew up on Entenmann’s and Dunkin’, the concept of a fresh donut, with a crisp outside and a warm cakey center, is world view changing.

Oh yeah. It’s that big.

Realizing a donut doesn’t have to be this thing which transforms from a delicate baked good to a flavored hockey puck over a matter of hours, altered the way I view this morning, afternoon, and evening* treat.

*We’re all agreed, right? Donuts are for anytime of day. Okay, good.

Montclair Bread Co. is a ‘bread bakery with a doughnut addiction’, and they’ve created a completely unique doughnut to those which have won my heart over. Even in my Dunkin’ days, I gravitated towards cake donuts (chocolate glazed, I still love you) over the classics like regular glazed and frosted. At Montclair, their donut comes from a brioche dough, which contains yeast, and therefore produces a lighter, airier doughnut.*

*Maybe that’s the difference. We call doughnuts with yeast doughnuts and donuts with a cakier texture donuts. I’m adopting this as my philosophy from here on.


The Montclair Farmer’s Market originally brought us into Montclair, however, a sudden* thunderstorm yielded slim pickings at the market.

*Sudden is a relative term. It started raining about twenty minutes into our hour drive, yet we pressed on.

Despite the weather, Montclair Bread Co. had a stand at the market, yet knowing we could go down the street and dryly consider our doughnut options, I tugged Hubby back to the car and to their storefront we headed.


Despite my preference for cake donuts, it was refreshing to taste a doughnut which stood out among the countless number of donut shops I’ve frequented, each one raving that they are ‘the best’*! On first bite, it was obvious they were different. These doughnuts weren’t being chugged out of a machine and plopped into oil, as is the case with most donut locations serving cake donuts. Instead, they were birthed from good, old fashioned trial and error which comes from a pot of oil and two food loving coworkers looking for something new to do with delicious dough.

*And I can’t help but think, “You did it! Congratulations! World’s best donuts! Great job everybody!“**

**Please tell me you get the Elf reference. If not, please watch Elf immediately, thank you.


Guava, Strawberry Shortcake, Guava, Beer Pretzel Glazed, Regular Glazed, Boston Cream, and Nutella

The flavors were creative, and we were particularly excited about the Guava since it is something we’ve grown to love.

They were all sold out of loves of bread for the day, but I have a feeling we’ll be coming back on a less wet day in order to revisit the farmer’s market, and perhaps taste some of their other treats.*

*Those cookies? Yeah. I need them.


Montclair Bread Co.
113 Walnut Street
Montclair, NJ 07042


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