Holy Donut, Batman!

You know I like food with a twist. So, donuts made with potatoes as one of their ingredients? Yeah…it was a must try. Funnily enough, a few weeks before going on this little road trip, I made cinnamon rolls with potato. In the recipe, mashed potato was their ‘secret to light-as-air rolls’. Apparently, it adds … More Holy Donut, Batman!

Summer Summary

I know you’ve been dying to hear how my Summer Want To list worked out. I wasn’t exactly sure how it would go considering I gave up a long time ago on making New Year’s resolutions.* *Way too cliche if you ask me! Overall, I found it to be a beneficial practice, one I am going … More Summer Summary

Summer Want To List

The Pioneer Woman was my first motivator into the rather intimidating world of my kitchen. Before finding her first book on a publisher’s clearance rack, I cooked out of necessity. Seeing the step by step process through pictures paired with personable instructions transformed my attitude towards cooking. All from one little book, cooking was now … More Summer Want To List

Broad Street Dough

When friends of ours told us about Broad Street Dough Co. Lance and I knew we would have to visit…immediately.  We’ve had our share of losers after we latched onto the fresh donut craze in Norfolk, VA. Norfolk was only the beginning. From there we made it our mission to discover warm, fresh donuts in … More Broad Street Dough