Four for Friday

This week, I slipped up and posted on Tuesday instead of Monday.

I know this drastically impacted your life and I’m sorry.

I figure you deserve an explanation as to my absence, and the truth is, I’ve been having too much fun. Every weekend seems to be jam packed with activities and I spend most weekdays playing catch up from the weekend.*

*In fact, I’m avoiding a messy kitchen right now by writing this post instead.

Here’s my short list of what I’ve been up to:

1. Farmer’s Markets 

Hubby discovered a farm in North Jersey which sells a special kind of pork from Mangalitsa pigs, a Hungarian breed of domestic pig. They are the fattiest of pigs* and, on first glance, resemble sheep due to their wooly fleece.

*Meaning they produce succulent, hardly needs to be seasoned, meat.

The farm only sells their meat at pop-up Farmer’s markets, the closest to us being the Farmer’s Market in Montclair and Sparta. As you know, our Montclair visit didn’t turn out quite as expected, so we ended up in Sparta the following weekend. We may or may not already have another trip planned.


Enjoying a lake view in Sparta after securing a cooler full of pork

2. Hanging with Family

Lance’s uncle, Gordon, came in from California for a few weeks, and hanging out with him is always a must do when he is in town. We introduced him to Top Golf where I won two out of five games.

I didn’t want to beat the men so badly, it just happened.


Even though winning is splendorous, this G.O.A.T breakfast menu item was pretty awesome, too. 

3. Baking

After attending the Successful Bakery class, my focus has been perfecting what I’m already doing while occasionally attempting something new.

You know croissants have been my thing, right?


Look at those layers!

They’re so beautiful, they make me want to cry.*

*And when they don’t turn out as beautiful, I want to cry for other reasons.

4. Renovating

Celebrating ten years of marriage, for us, means we’ve lived in our house ten years.

We are not Joanna and Chip Gaines. We do not enjoy fixer uppering anything.

When we first moved in, our home needed little repair, but after ten years it’s aged quite similarly to the way people do. It isn’t beyond hope, but it needs a little touching up in order to not become a total wreck. The paint is chipping, slats of wood need replacing, and some appliances are simply too outdated to salvage.


We started with the easiest of projects, painting our bedroom, and are working our way up to the more expensive projects, like replacing counter tops and back doors.

In organizing and cleaning out different rooms, I get to open the memory flood gates on a continual basis.


Joel and Jon, circa 1997-ish

And now I’m crying again, because I can’t seem to find those little boys anywhere.


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