Gardening in the Garden State

A few years ago, Hubby made two box gardens for our backyard. I convinced the both of us that my passionate yearning for being a farmer would be revealed through our backyard crops.

Our first and only harvest yielded something like two cucumbers, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and one pepper.

Clearly, I had romanticized the whole idea of the farming lifestyle.

I should have known better considering I am someone who hates getting flowers* and begins fidgeting after one bug lands on me.

*Full disclosure: I love them for the first day, then hate them two days later when I realize I never watered them.

Over the past few years, I finally found a plant I not only find irresistibly elegant, but one I cannot kill*.




After successfully keeping a small potted plant of succulents alive for over a year*, I expanded my succulent collection and decided I was ready for this gardening thing again.

*Not to brag, but I also have kept alive a Christmas cactus one of my dear coworkers bequeathed me when I took over her classroom four years ago.


I’m pretty sure the odd Jersey weather really deserves the credit for this year’s crop, however, I was the one who plotted the plants, so perhaps I shouldn’t be so generous in sharing the glory.

Our first harvest included two bulky zucchini and two yellow squash:


I told you there would be more feet pictures. Flip flopped isn’t exactly my favorite, but it’s summer, so that’s what you get.


By the time we gobbled* these beauts down, we had a carbon copy of produce ready to be picked. Simultaneously, I’ve also been enjoying fresh basil, mint, and parsley–which are perhaps my favorite parts of having a garden!

*Gobbled is a rather generous term. It actually took us a little over a week to eat all of this because our harvest came rather unexpectedly!

My tomatoes have just started to redden. Hopefully our weather continues to be a perfect balance of sunshine and rain, because that seems to be the only remedy to my blackened thumb!


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