5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

  1. Zyrtec

New Jersey weather has been R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. I do not exaggerate. One day we’re kicking back in flip flops, the next we’re layering with long sleeve tees and sweaters. And then, just to spice things up, we occasionally have torrential downpours lasting no less than eight hours straight.

Zyrtec has been my friend, held my hand, and seen me through some otherwise painful, high allergy days. If you are an allergy sufferer like me, Zyrtec can be your friend, too.

2. Atlas Coffee


You might recall this post on traveling the world through Atlas coffee. So far, I’ve visited Tanzania, Peru, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and I’m getting ready for another trip soon! Every roast has been unique in it’s own way, and I haven’t found one that I’ve entirely disliked. I did recently switch my preference from ‘light to medium’ to ‘medium to dark’ to see how I enjoy their darker roasts. The best part of the subscription is when I start getting low on coffee, the next month’s order comes in!

3. Quinoa chips


These bad boys were on sale at Target last week*, and I couldn’t resist. As someone who doesn’t need gluten free, but does try to make healthier choices, I decided they were a better option than the bags of greasy potato chips which had been tempting me. While I’m not a big fan of quinoa, these chips are amazing. I’ve had the sea salt variety before, but the barbeque is my favorite so far. Watch out though, they are addicting!

*Though the Amazon price is even better!

4. Farmer’s Market Runs


Even though the weather goes from spring to winter to summer in the blink of an eye here, after a few warmer days, my craving for local fruits and veggies started. Although the grocery stores in this garden state of ours try to carry local goods, even when they accomplish this, they do so at an astronomical write up.

With a Farmer’s Market literally down the road, I’ve made it a weekly priority to get there. I’ve even gotten my siblings on board. One of the good problems about the Farmer’s Market is you can get a basket of something for pretty darn cheap. I just bought a basket of seven baseball bat sized zucchini for $3! Unless you’re extremely proactive about canning or freezing extra veggies, there’s the potential for a lot to go to waste. Wanting to combat this issue, I started my own csa of my weekly pickings with my siblings.

5. My Bouchon Bakery Book


This book is slowly replacing all my other go to baking books. I have four or five I rotate between, however, the processes and explanations in this book are widening my understanding of baking in a way no other book has and are also producing some pretty delicious treats.

My favorites so far have been carrot cake muffins* and the double chocolate chunk and chip cookies. The process for croissants was pretty interesting as well. I found it created even more layers than my current recipe.

*And I’ve never been much of a fan of carrot cake.

What are some things you’re loving right now?


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