Harvest Coffee, Medford, NJ

Harvest Coffee is nestled in historic Medford. For me, this meant I needed to exert the willpower to remain unbiased when making my first visit.

Medford is packed with nostalgic memories for me. It’s the place my childhood best friend lived. It’s also where I went , sometimes twice a week, for violin lessons, orchestra rehearsals, and string ensemble practice during my high school years. Though I no longer go there as often, I leap at any chance to drive through so I can grasp a glimpse of cherished times too soon departed.

While I was trekking back and forth with musical development as my main focus, but a love for coffee stops and late night snacks developing, places like Harvest Coffee and The Pop Shop* were not yet in existence.

*Across the street from Harvest and yes, a post coming soon.


Perhaps it was for the best. Perhaps my teenage self wouldn’t have been able to appreciate the quality coffee Harvest is producing. But, my adult self is a little sad I no longer make weekly trips somewhere so special which is now packed with coffee and snacks just as special.


The tiny little roastery is family-owned, which always makes me perk up*. I love a business in which the entire family can be involved, especially in an industry where weekend work is generally required. Cozy is the word I’d give to the space inside Harvest. It isn’t exactly the kind of place I’d want to bunker down and write or study in due to the intimate space seating around ten, but it is the perfect place to grab coffee with a friend or get coffee to go.**

*Pun intended.

**And follow it up with a walk around the adorable, historic town.

I was a little confused by their wall menu at first and ordered a cup of their Colombian coffee, but the barista informed me they didn’t have Colombian brewed that day, and recommended their Brazilian roast, noting it was very good.

He didn’t steer me wrong. The Brazilian roast was delicious, with all the qualities a small-batch cup of coffee should have. Lance ordered the same and liked it, too, which is saying something because he is much pickier than I am and prefers cold coffee.


Being a blustery, yucky, miserable rainy day, the hot coffee was a necessity. However, when we return on a warmer day, I’m excited for their iced coffee and here’s why: black ice. Any coffeehouse who uses coffee ice cubes immediately gets a thumbs up from me. It shows a special concern and understanding about coffee and the need for cold coffee to not be watered down by melted ice.

My only regret is I didn’t purchase any beans to take home. I have my monthly subscription to Atlas coming in and have a few bags with about a pot’s worth left which has kept me I from getting a bag to go at any of my recent Coffeehouse Adventures.

I guess that only gives me an added reason to return soon.

Harvest Coffee
Bank & Main Streets
Medford, NJ 08055


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