Four for Friday

This week, I slipped up and posted on Tuesday instead of Monday. I know this drastically impacted your life and I’m sorry. I figure you deserve an explanation as to my absence, and the truth is, I’ve been having too much fun. Every weekend seems to be jam packed with activities and I spend most … More Four for Friday

Mango Ice Cream

Most trips to our local farmer’s market leave me shaking my head at grocery store produce prices. Like me, you may have always reasoned that grocery store produce is fresher, giving them cause to charge double or triple the price, oftentimes even more, of the farmer’s market. After several instances of produce gone bad only … More Mango Ice Cream

The Garden State

Though I often long for the hustle and bustle of the city, there is something about a view like this that makes a complete transition to city life nearly impossible… One minute this field was completely barren and the next it was covered in ten foot corn stalks. Such a view is normalĀ for me. Growing … More The Garden State