Atlas Coffee

We have subscriptions for everything these days.

Quite literally, everything.

I had a fling with a clothing subscription*, for a little over a year Lance has been enjoying a comic book subscription, and we even gave a healthy snack subscription a try**.

*And learned that though it was fun to get a box of clothes picked specially for me, I prefer doing the deed myself.

**But later determined that it would probably be smarter to purchase healthy snacks we already love and bag them into serving size portions.

Somehow in all this time I missed out on perhaps the most important subscription currently available to consumers today:


A Look At Peru_Atlas Coffee Club
Photo by: Atlas Coffee

When a friend mentioned a coffee subscription she received for Christmas, I scoured the internet, comparing variety and pricing. Though many ranking in popularity and notable location came up in my initial search, Atlas Coffee was the subscription that stood out.

Not only do they offer single origin roasts from all over the world, but the folks over at Atlas are pretty much the friendliest people I’ve ever communicated with via email. When I told them I was interested in not only subscribing to their club, but also blogging about their product, they immediately sent me this month’s roast.

As their name tips off, their theme is ‘travel the world one cup at a time’.* Through a coffee subscription, coffee lovers get a taste of not only the coffee, but also the culture, of different countries across our beautiful planet.

*Pretty much the most inexpensive form of travel, if you ask me. Quite literally, in fact. They are not only the best coffee subscription I could find, but also the cheapest! At $14/month they are a few dollars cheaper than the average of around $17/month and remarkably cheaper than the most expensive subscription at $30/month.

Atlas Coffee Club_Costa Rica_Taste The Distance
Photo by: Atlas Coffee

This is precisely the kind of coffee subscription my little brain hoped for when I began my search. Initially, I met a lot of subscriptions that would help me figure out what was my favorite coffee they offered, and then would send it to me again and again with a few options of change in between. Atlas Coffee Club is the international version of Coffeehouse Adventures.

I received a pound of coffee from Rwanda along with a post card listing Rwanda’s coffee history, growing region, and flavor profile. It pretty much made my day. It also helped that the stuff tasted of high quality coffee genius, too. The supplied flavor profile helped me recognize the notes of caramel, blackberry, and apple in this medium level roast, but one sip and the impeccable freshness of the beans made it unquestionable that this was single origin coffee.

Atlas Coffee Club_Behind the Scenes_2016
Photo by: Atlas Coffee

If you are looking for a change to your usual cup of Joe, a subscription to Atlas Coffee will not only spice things up, but it will also take you around the globe without having to leave the comfort of your home! Visit Coffee of the Month Club to learn more.*

*Spoiler Alert: A pop up should come up on their page for a super sweet discount on your first order!

Even if they hadn’t been incredibly awesome and hooked me up with my taste of Rwanda, I still would have subscribed. I can’t wait to see where I’ll get to travel with my coffee next month.


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