Fall Followup

So much good occurs during the transition from fall to winter that I barely recognize my favorite season has gone away until we are already well into winter.

It has officially been winter for a full week now, and time for a follow up on my Fall Want To list. Fall turned out to occupy my free time much more than summer and I ended up with a 66% success rating*.

*If this were high school, I would be devastated.

A few items from my list are worth sharing, so although the trees may be dead and lifeless and the skies filled with grey clouds that taunt of snow, enjoy with me a reflection of my favorite season and the good with which it held.


I finally went apple picking.

Not wanting to force Hubby into something he would be willing to go the rest of his existence without doing, I decided to make it a special day with Jon.


And he was the perfect apple picking partner.


We went on a weekday to avoid the crowds, and after hearing about the number of people that came through on the weekend, I knew I made the right choice.

While I might not go apple picking again (picking your own and buying from the farm’s market were the same price!) supermarket apples are now ruined for me.

But this comes as no surprise.

Farm fresh is always best.


I reached my golf goal…twice! On our last outdoors round of golf and on our first round of golf at Golf & Social my score was under 110. So, watch out next year, because I’m getting pretty good at this here sports stuff.


This has nothing to do with my list, but…hello apple pie!

This pie was so extraordinarily wonderful, Hubby made me make one just for him.*

*In other words, I made it along with the rest of my Thanksgiving breakfast baking, but didn’t put it out at breakfast. I asked him if I would be able to serve it at Thanksgiving breakfast next year, to which he responded, “Ask me next year”.


Pumpkin truffles

Inserting pumpkin spice into unusual places turned out to be something I didn’t have time to think about. However, I tried a few pumpkin recipes I ordinarily would have ignored.


Pumpkin scones

I also concocted a pumpkin pie filling for my croissants. It hasn’t quite yet reached a level of perfection I’m satisfied with, though one time I added pecans and it was a beautifully wonderful pecan pumpkin explosion.


Not only did we visit Heritage Vineyards, but we also went to a newer, very local* winery: Iron Plow Vineyards. It’s a pretty sweet vineyard to have so close to home. We went on a Friday night when they not only offer their usual tastings, but also, live music.

*Very local, as in, five minutes from our home.

I don’t think I will make a Winter Want To list…but I also don’t think I will make any New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve heard a lot of people ragging on 2016 and looking towards 2017 with sentiments like, “It’s got to be better than 2016”, but I kind of expect those people to have a same 2017 as 2016. While some have endured legitimate heartache and pain in the previous year, many seem to have a reoccurring reflection of each year. You make your year what it is going to be. Your perspective of each and every situation faced is how you will remember the moments that make up the next twelve months.

So instead of setting wants or goals for the start of this new year, I’m going in with a mind open and ready for the good it will hold.


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