Golf & Social, Marlton, NJ

One of my favorite rounds of golf this season started with a sprinkling of rain. Wanting to avoid crowds and also go at a time that is a little cheaper, we didn’t start until later in the afternoon. The time and the rain kept the course from being extremely busy, but it did slow us down a little. We were at the 14th hole when the sky began to darken.

Refusing to admit defeat and wanting to finish the course in its entirety, we pressed on until not a shred of light remained. Towards the end, I would send my ball into a pitch black distance with a prayer that it might land somewhere in line with the hole.

The weather and the change of the seasons are unfortunate dampers to my newfound sport. Someone who either got tired of abandoning their golf clubs during freezing/ snowy temperatures or someone who simply wanted to make golf a more social experience decided to do something about this, and now we have places like Golf & Social.


Our first visit didn’t come about due to the weather* or even our missing playing. Only the week before we had gone to a new-to-us course and played.

*Even though our ride home that night was through a mixture of hail and snow.

Instead, it came from wanting a different form of entertainment for an evening with friends.


Lance giving Andrew a quick lesson.

Here are my top ten favorites about Golf & Social:

  1. The environment is laid back. Pro or beginner, it doesn’t matter. You can go at your own pace without any worry about what else is going on.
  2. There are couches…comfy, comfy couches.
  3. Even though you sign up for a specific time slot, as long as the place isn’t packed, you can take your time and play until you finish.
  4. They have clubs that you can borrow or you can bring your own.
  5. You choose from a wide-selection of courses around the world for where you will “play”.
  6. The system tracks your swing speed. While that isn’t something I’m focusing on right now, it was a nice feature for Hubby.
  7. There’s no putting. This helps keep my score low because I’ve been known to fall apart on my short game. In the long run, this obviously isn’t helpful because I need to practice.
  8. Golf & Social is located in the clubhouse of The Links Golf Club. While enjoying the driving range or playing the course, food and drinks can be ordered and brought to your area. It’s such a different environment than trying to stuff a sandwich down your throat while driving to the next hole.
  9. On Saturday nights there is live music. I know golf is usually a quiet game, but I’ve been prone to humming while I’m concentrating on my swing. The Saturday night music definitely fits into my golf comfort zone.
  10.  When all the screens aren’t in use, they play movies (Harry Potter!) or sports games on the extra screens. I know it’s just a way for the guy running the place to pass the time, but I kind of love it.


Golf & Social
100 Majestic Way
Marlton, NJ 08053


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