Four for Friday!

I’ve debated on how to start this first post after a three month break from blogging. I considered bombarding you with the nitty gritty details of my departure. I mentally strewed together a rant on all the wrongs with society and life. But instead, I’ll say this… I left without warning, and for that, I’m … More Four for Friday!

Four for Friday!

Since I girl powered up and used my medal worthy mechanic skills to fix my kitchen aid mixer, I now can’t imagine life without two.* I’m particularly excited to see how it helps my Thanksgiving breakfast baking. *This is the same emotion I think I’ll feel upon the day I finally own a dish washer. … More Four for Friday!

Fall Followup

So much good occurs during the transition from fall to winter that I barely recognize my favorite season has gone away until we are already well into winter. It has officially been winter for a full week now, and time for a follow up on my Fall Want To list. Fall turned out to occupy my … More Fall Followup

Dessert for Breakfast?

Thanksgiving breakfast is the most exciting, exhausting, laughter inducing, sweat producing, joyful, cozy, carb-a-licious event of my entire year. Translation: It’s my favorite. On Thanksgiving Eve, my kitchen transforms into a bakery and anyone in my path is given a task…alright, several tasks…to complete. Dish drying and chocolate drizzling… …egg separating and recipe reading For … More Dessert for Breakfast?

Happy Thanksgiving!

At least once a year, usually at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, my Pop would get the urge to pray. Pop was not a religious man, however, he was a family man. In a voice shaking with emotion, he would give thanks to God for granting him another year. For another year of life, another year … More Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays

I put my Christmas tree up last week…on November 1st, to be exact. My Christmas impulses subject me to discovering the spectrum of stances people have for the holidays. I’ve heard it all, and regardless, I will continue to listen to Christmas music in July and bargain with my husband over putting my tree up … More Happy Holidays

Finally Fall!

It’s the first day of fall!!! I’ve been looking forward to this day for…well, all year long. Admit it. This is how you feel on the first day of fall, too. Though summer brings about a needed relief from the bitter cold of winter, fall always is the season I want to press ‘pause’ on … More Finally Fall!

Do You Brunch?

Friends, I realized something horrible after our most recent trip to NYC. I need to spice up my brunch game. When I made this comment to Hubby, he immediately asked if I meant this regarding the places we go for brunch or if I meant literally my brunch game. The answer, which may possibly surprise you, … More Do You Brunch?