A Night in New Hampshire

During our tour of the New England states, we spent one night in New Hampshire; the added stop to PEI nudging out any extra days. Originally, I thought we weren’t giving this state enough of our attention, however, after a little searching on ‘What to do’ in NH, I decided giving up any extra time there was a wise decision.*

*Nature enthusiasts will certainly disagree, however, we non biker, hiker, and walkers would bore easily should we be forced to remain in such a state.


A beam from a bookstore we visited in Portsmouth

We had hoped to start our time in Portsmouth relaxing in the hotel pool, only to discover it was closed for maintenance.

This was an ignored omen of how the rest of our time in this hotel would go.

Instead of relaxing, we fueled up with coffee not worth writing home* about, and headed into the heart of Portsmouth. Though it seemed a place that should have been up to speed with our usual city preferences; we weren’t feeling it. The parking garages were packed, yet it lacked atmosphere. And although the streets were filled with people, a certain kind of excitement was missing.

*Or a blog post

We took a short drive to Rochester to visit a comic store and hoping to find a little more excitement. In comparison to Portsmouth, Rochester was a ghost town–and this was a Saturday night! The comic store and a bar across the street appeared to be the only places open.


Wild Willy’s Bubba BBQ Burger

This left us with nothing else to do but eat.

Wild Willy’s Burgers was the perfect kind of laid back, not-so-chain, burger joint. Not exactly fast food and no where near a formal sit down restaurant, it held the presence of a local favorite.


I ordered the Bubba BBQ burger topped with zesty BBQ sauce, hickory smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, onion, and pickles. Cooked to a beautiful medium, this burger was the perfect answer to the night’s boredom.

Because of all the excitement*, we decided to turn in early.

*Please tell me you sense my sarcasm.

Friends, we don’t ‘turn in early’.



I’m constantly searching for ways to stay out later, especially while on vacation.

This is how thrilling New Hampshire was for us. We turned in early…at 11 pm. Like, the lights were out and everything was shut down by 11 pm.

That never happens.

But, of course, life couldn’t have been as simple as: turn in early, get a good night’s rest, wake up refreshed and ready for the next leg of the journey.


After a few minutes of waiting to fall asleep, and Hubby already drifting off into a glorious snore, I recognized a persistent humming on my side of the room. First, I thought it was in the wall. I tried to readjust my pillows, my positioning, anything that might help drown out the humming that was turning into a roar.

Of course, this woke the snorer beside me who then mentioned that he was also having difficulty sleeping because of the humming.

Yet, somehow he had been snoring.

The thought of moving to a new room was painful. I was in my pajamas. Our things were spread out all over the room. I did not want to move.

But I did want to sleep.

I felt that if I willed the continuous noise into the background of my subconscious, then I might be able to drift off.

Watching as the minutes expanded into an hour, my next move was to turn our heads to the foot of the bed. The humming seemed to be in the wall, so if we moved our heads…maybe it would get better.

After attempting to find a comfortable upside down position, I realized the humming was beneath the bed, rather than beside it. Unable to stand it any longer, we made the call to the front desk and within fifteen minutes found ourselves in their Strawberry Banke Suite.


Compared to the room we left behind on the first floor, this third floor suite was fitted for…well, a local celebrity, at least.

We were there long enough to sleep and enjoy their luxurious bathroom*.

*Sized only a few square feet smaller than the first floor humming room in its entirety


Though we had one adventure remaining in New Hampshire, we packed our things and left the hotel without looking back.

I must have been a little more tired than I realized because as we began to drive I saw this woman walking:


…and I instantly began snapping pictures and commenting on the weirdo* dressed up as Princess Elsa.

*Weirdo or cute mommy, your pick.


And then we got closer and I realized what I thought was a dress was really a matching top and bottom.

Now that I’m well rested and reflecting on this, I can see the confusion. With her hair, the singular color of her outfit, it’s easy to see where my mind went. I’ll even bet that woman’s husband came home and pointed out her Disney princess similarity.

I know mine would have.


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