Glasgow Hills Golf Course, PEI

For this first full year that I have engulfed myself in the world of golf, I withheld from dedicating entire blog posts to the beauty of the golf course. For one, though New Jersey offers many well manicured golf courses*, the views are pretty much on repeat: trees, wide open spaces of the greenest green grass, lakes, birds, deer. Second, I never bring my DSLR to golf and though I often have my phone somewhere in my golf bag, my head is usually too wrapped up** in keeping score to want to take pictures.

*And despite my novice status, I have been to a decent number of them.

**I’m famous for asking, “Wait, was that my second or third shot?…Am I on four or five?…We’ll just round this one up to fifteen, because I’m already on eight and basically chipping my way towards the hole.”

Glasgow Hills Golf Course fits perfectly into my Fall Want To of taking less/more pictures. I knew my mind wouldn’t be able to remember the beauty of this place on its own.


My sneaky shot of Lance at the driving range

I’ve never before wondered what stance golf courses take on pictures being taken on their courses because I never before wanted so desperately to take pictures on a course as I did within our first minutes at Glasgow.


My initial assumption was that it must be frowned upon. So I decided to sneak a few pictures at the driving range and as we drove to the first hole.

Fortunately, the course marshal chatted with us at the first hole. We learned he visits Florida in the off season and, of course, golfs there. As we were about to pull off to get started, he added, “I hope you brought your camera. You’ll be able to get a lot of great shots around our course.”


That man has no idea how much he made my day. Now, of course, I could have just asked if I could take pictures, but what’s the saying? It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Yeah. That’s the route I was going.


My free and clear shot of the driving range.

I love our driving range at home because it’s close, it’s cheap, and it works.

But this? This is perfection. It’s a driving range that dreams are made of.




The very thing I loved about Prince Edward Island was what I loved about golfing at Glasgow Hills. With each turn we made, natural beauty surrounded. Each view held a beauty unlike the last. Every yard we covered masterfully held the magic of the island.

IMG_4129 IMG_4133



The ninth hole was completely surrounded by water, though that made it more difficult, it was my favorite.



this happened.


At least Lance bought me balls that are a nice, bright color.



IMG_4168  IMG_4189

I did face a few moments where I needed to remind myself to focus on the game.

I’m not sure how the islanders can concentrate on ordinary life.



This was perhaps my lowest moment.

In case you don’t know what happened here, know this: It is not okay to take a picture during your husband’s back swing.

Especially when it’s a hole he is having a difficult time on.


There. Much better.


Like its name says, Glasgow Hills is a hilly, therefore difficult, course. It was also windy, very windy, at points. We learned from a local that the wind, and the hills, are what the course is known for.

Though both made the course a challenge, it was a challenge I grasped with both hands and found myself reveling in.


Every minute I spent in PEI I found myself looking for new ways to bottle the island up. The worst part of a vacation is leaving enraptured by a new-to-you world, and within weeks allowing it to slip away from you.

I never want to forget the enchantment of this island.

Glasgow Hills Resort & Golf Club
98 Glasgow Hills Drive
PO Box 5518
Hunter River, PE
C0A 1N0


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