Fall Want To List

I so enjoyed my Summer Want To List that I thought a Fall Want To List was in order. This time around I had to fight the urge to add New Year’s resolution type items to the list. Hidden between the lines of my more exciting to do’s are things like: go regularly to the gym, stick to using the My Fitness Pal app, eat healthier, and all those resolutions meant to make you miserable but somehow simultaneously enhance your life.


1. Go apple picking

I know you’re going to immediately judge me* over this, but, well, here it is…school field trips are the extent of my apple picking experiences**. As a resident of the great Garden State and also a lover of fall, I know the atrocity of this truth. Apple picking is one of those things I say I’m going to do, and then never do.

*And I don’t blame you.

**And to be completely candid, I think this occurred only once or twice, equaling somewhere around 4 to 8 apples picked in my entire life.

2. Take more/less pictures

I know, this sounds like a statement of noncommittal, but I promise it makes sense.* There are situations I find myself in where I believe I took enough pictures that thoroughly encapsulate everything my eyes experienced, only to later discover it was merely my imagination. I’d taken the pictures in my head and not with my camera.

In those cases, I’d like to take more pictures.

*In my head, at least.

However, there are many situations I find myself in where pictures aren’t necessary and are actually a disturbance to the beauty of the moment.

These are the times I’d like to abandon my camera and embrace the present.

3. Pumpkin spice

While it may be cliche, a chill in the air paired with pumpkin spice simply screams fall to me. I do not, however, refer to the famous PSL* of Starbucks. I enjoy the occasional cup of pumpkin spiced Joe, but pumpkin spice lattes are overkill for me. Instead, this season I’d like to spend time exploring the addition of pumpkin spice in areas other than the coffee counter.

*Pumpkin spice latte

4. Take more walks

This was a summer want to, I know, but one that I think will be better accomplished in the fall. Here’s hoping.

5. Drop my golf score to 110

Originally, I planned to make this goal 100, but in an effort not to be too ambitious, I’m aiming for 110*.

*I still may be aiming a little high.

6. Be more creative with my closet

Ever see those magazine articles that show four hundred different ways to wear one closet item? When I see them an inner battle takes place. Part of me says, Hey! I could do that! While another part says, Haha, there’s no way you’ll take the time to do that.

I’d like to prove that second part of me wrong.

7. Don’t resort to wearing UGGs everyday

Sure they come in styles short and tall, bright colored, with bows and studs, but the UGG look really isn’t for every fall situation. On the particularly chilly day, however, they are hard to shy away from. I want to reserve my uses to only outdoorsy days.*

*And if you know me, those shouldn’t be very often.

8. Visit a few local wineries

I recently learned of a ’boutique’ winery down the street from my house, however, there are several within a fifty-mile radius of my home, many of which I’d love to explore.

9. Journal. Journal. Journal.

After spending a few days in Prince Edward Island, home of Lucy Maud Montgomery who wrote the Anne of Green Gables series*, I’m inspired to spend more time simply free writing about my world and that which is around me, before delving into my current projects each day.

*More to come on this, of course.

What are you hoping to do this fall?
Will you search out every haunted hayride near you? Find corn mazes to wander through? Pick apples? Pumpkins? Pumpkin spice your entire life?

Or…will you be counting the days until the warmth of summer is back again?


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