Coffeehouse Adventures, PEI Style

I learned something new about my husband during this trip.

Though he is willing to visit new coffeehouses in New Jersey without complaint, after continued days of exploration with no relief from the familiar, safe choice of that twin tailed mermaid, his desperation became real.


Although Starbucks do exist on Prince Edward Island, my want to try the local brew won out over Hubby’s longing for a taste of home.

Thank goodness. Because we discovered two adorable little coffeehouses within walking distance of one another in Charlottetown.*

*More on Charlottetown later. Anne fans will know this as the place where Anne went for her schooling at Queen’s Academy.


Our first PEI coffeehouse adventure was to Kettle Black…and really, can a coffeehouse possibly have a cuter name than that?



Or cuter desserts than this teeny tiny pecan pie?

Their entire dessert case was tempting, but seeing that lunch had only been an hour or so before this coffee fix, I held back the desire within me screaming that I should try everything.


In addition to my adorable little treat, I ordered a flat white. The girl making my drink warned me that this was the first she’d ever made….and she did an excellent job.

The interior of Kettle Black is open and inviting, with tall ceilings that give the place more of a ‘come and stay’ vibe than a ‘get your coffee and go’ one*.

*One of my least favorite things about most coffeehouses in Jersey.


Although we stayed about a half an hour away on the island, we found ourselves visiting Charlottetown at least once a day. Our second coffeehouse adventure occurred on a particularly chilly evening about an hour before the main event of the night: seeing the play Anne & Gilbert.*

*More on that, Anne fans, I promise!

Instead of cramming in a rushed dinner before the show, we decided to save that for later and enjoy a leisurely cup of Joe before the performance.

Receiver Coffee Company is sandwiched between a handful of restaurants and has perfected the hipster coffeehouse identity. Their second level seating overlooking the rest of the coffeehouse was my favorite part—aside from my cup of steamy cappuccino heaven.

They were all out of treats for the day, but if you wander through their Facebook pictures, you’ll see some cookies and other delights that simply beg for my return.


Kettle Black
45 Queen Street
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Receiver Coffee Company
128 Richmond Street
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


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