Why Prince Edward Island?

In 1908, Lucy Maud Montgomery made the world fall in love with orphan girl, Anne Shirley. She also put a barely noticeable maritime province on the map with her descriptions of its red sand beaches, snow drifted winters, and varied horticulture.

Having grown up with her stories, it felt like I was visiting a piece of home. While I know this great, big world we live in has many views to offer, I don’t know that I might be able to find a stretch of land quite as awe-inspiring as that of the views PEI held. In one hilly expanse, fields, woods, and water could all be seen.

I can honestly say I have never gazed so longingly at the earth as I did while in PEI.


IMG_4105 IMG_4106

IMG_4107 IMG_4210

IMG_4222 IMG_4498

IMG_4504 IMG_4515

IMG_4518 IMG_4526

IMG_4535 IMG_4543



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