Festival Foodie Finds

After having an unhealthy obsession with food trucks for some time now, of which included seeking them out during vacations, altering plans to detour at a surprise food truck on the side of the road, and many more irrational choices involving food trucks, I have finally attended a true blue food truck festival.**

*Specifically, a Red, White, & Blue Food Truck Festival.

**Not to be confused with other festivals where ‘food trucks’ might be present.



There’s no excuse as to why it has taken so long. There are only about a bazillion fair grounds nearby which house food truck festivals throughout the year.

With now knowing Laurita Winery hosts a different themed food truck festival each month from April until November, I promised myself this summer would be the summer I finally indulged in the pleasure of innumerable culinary combinations.

I actually put the dates of their eight food truck events on my calendar. That’s how serious this was, but let’s be real, when is food not this serious?

I may even have to make up for lost time and go to more than one.

Here’s the rundown of my favorites from the day:


Are you ready for this? This food truck makes ice cream with liquid nitrogen! I’ve seen it used on Food Network and always marveled at the bravery of those willing to handle something with a temperature of -321.

Yes, negative three hundred twenty one!



The purpose of using liquid nitrogen in ice cream making is to freeze the ice cream at a faster rate in order to reduce the number of ice crystals while also creating a creamier taste*.

*Less ice crystals = creamier ice cream.

I ordered their Oreo Mint and Hubby got Fruity Pebbles.


Creamy, sweet, and not a single ice crystal. The spoons were pretty nifty, too! At first I thought it was the design, but quickly realized the spoon changes color when touching the cold ice cream.


Believe it or not, we weren’t too hungry when we first got there, hence the ice cream stop. The winery offers wagon tours, so we hopped on one to pass the time and soak in the vine coverage acreage.

A glass of wine later, and a little spying on what everyone around us was eating, and we were ready for the trucks again.



Planning to share, we ordered Callahan’s foot long dog with chili on half and cheese on the other. Often when places brag of ‘foot long’ items, they end up really only measuring a little over six inches. This dog was a literal foot long and even though it was piping hot, we munched away, too excited to wait.

Where hot dogs are concerned, it was somewhere close to the best one of my life.

Where food is concerned, it was of such a quality it made me want to check out their store location in Norwood.*

*Like for real. It’s on my list now.

Now, don’t be mad at me, but I forgot to take a picture of the next truck we visited. I’ll tell you why, but I know it will only be an excuse and won’t help with the fact you can’t gaze upon the beauty of the sandwich we ate.

At Five Sisters, we ordered one of their FAT sandwiches, the FAT Philly: cheese steak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, ketchup/mayo, and fries on a hoagie roll.

But, we wanted a glass of wine, too, so we waited in a long line, then needed to seek out a place to eat our sandwiches, and by the time we were sitting all I could think to do was dig in.

So, I’m sorry. But my stomach isn’t.

Usually, just thinking about this kind of sandwich makes my arteries start to clog, but this one surprised me. It wasn’t toppling over with food, something I hate, but had the perfect balance of each component.

Leaving me not so full that I couldn’t enjoy another dessert…


Frozen chocolate covered cheesecake dipped in cookie crumbs.

Um, life just got infinitely better thanks to Maddalena’s Cheesecake and Catering.

Think of your best slice of New York cheesecake, dipped in chocolate, and coated with buttery cookie crumbs. The only thing which could even come close is deep fried cheesecake.

Please tell me you’ve tried that?!

What food trucks are you loving right now? Tell me so I can hunt them down!!


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