Sweet Carolina Barbecue Company

I’m always down to give a new food truck a try.

But I have to admit…

I have not yet attended a food truck event.

I know. I know. I know.

I see signs for them all the time, local wineries host them monthly, yet I still haven’t attended one. It’s gotten to the point where I’m almost a little afraid to attend one* for fear of being too overwhelmed by so many options and only one stomach.

*But let’s be real. I’m the kind of gal who will buy something at every truck without blinking twice.

Days before the weekend of a food truck event, I received a notification from our local winery that the Sweet Carolina Barbecue Company food truck would be coming to the winery that weekend. Not having enough time to go to the food truck event*, this sounded like a perfect compromise.

*Where, again, the plan would be to stay long enough to try something from every truck, of course.


From my first sneak peek on their Facebook page of their BBQ Mac Fries, I was convinced they were going to be worth our time.


This is Hubby showing me, ‘Look! You get a free sticker!”


And I’m all like, “I know! I read the sign!”

The winery also had live music setting up, so we grabbed a pitcher of sangria and cozied up on the porch for a little.


Some local friends joined in, too.



Having recently enjoyed some pretty delicious brisket at a barbecue joint in North Jersey, we decided to give Sweet Carolina’s a try, too. There is nothing worse than dried out brisket with globs of sauce trying to cover it up. Despite our recent success, this has been the case far too often in the brisket department at barbecue places we’ve visited.

With brisket in our combo plate, we decided to top our BBQ Mac Fries with pulled pork.





That’s the answer to your question, “Which was better?”

The brisket was tender, not the least bit dry, and full with flavor only meat carefully smoked for hours can produce.

I’m not really a coleslaw girl, but I ate several bites of theirs. And where the cornbread is concerned, I’ll just say this, I took the bigger half.

Did you look at the picture of the BBQ Mac Fries? Scroll back up and look at them, because it’s a thing of beauty.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

The pulled pork was of the same quality as the brisket*, and the combination of meat, mac & cheese, and fries was uniquely fantastic. I found myself bouncing between bites of each, unable to decide which was better.

*Tender, juicy, delicious.

That right there is the sign of not only a good food truck, but good barbecue.

Sweet Carolina Barbecue Company
720 County Road 539
New Egypt, New Jersey


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