Laurita Winery, New Egypt, NJ

With a few summer like days under our belt, it’s hard to imagine winter coat weather anymore.* The warmer Jersey weather turns us all into outdoors humans again instead of hibernating bears seeking continuous months of solace from the harsh cold. This year was especially rough, making a winery trip a must on one of our first warmer days.

*I’ll knock on wood, just to be safe.


Laurita Winery is famous in my world by way of local Facebook events which pop up in my feed, announcing which of my friends are interested in attending.

Only I had no idea…

  1. How close Laurita is to home
  2. The size of Laurita

Entering the driveway, we were met by parking attendants who were chipper. I call them chipper, because they responded to Lance’s giddy waving at them which was meant to:

a) frustrate
b) embarrass
c) aggravate
d) all of the above

our driver, and I think friend, Drew.


The winery has: 40 acres of vines, a farmhouse converted into the Inn at Laurita Winery, a Healing Spirits Spa, the Laurita Equestrian Center, and 200 acres devoted to woodlands, meadows, and pastures. Not to mention the gigantic main building with space for weddings, private events, and their never ending event calendar.


Tastings are $7 and are available whenever the winery is open. They were pretty generous tastes, too. Lance and I bought two bottles to take home and then we enjoyed some of their sangria on the deck.



The sangria was not too sweet, with a beautiful fruity flavor combination.

As we sat, I made a mental note to look into their food truck events. These were the fore mentioned events I’d heard of, but never attempted to attend.* From April until November, once a month they hold food truck weekends with different themes. Entry is $8 a person, however, they also offer a $30 season pass for all eight events, guaranteeing entry for proactive food truck lovers.**

*And I love food trucks! What is wrong with me??

**I might have to get me one of those.


Can you image what it looks like on a food truck weekend?


Even though it wasn’t crowded, there was live music outside and the inside was packed with people participating in tastings, grabbing a snack, and shopping from their “Girls Night Out” vendors.

Next time I come, I’m hopping on one of their winery tours. Offered on weekends, the tours are free, which is a pretty sweet deal.

I’ve already started stalking their event calendar to decide which food truck festivals I absolutely must go to.


Laurita Winery
85 Archertown Rd
New Egypt, NJ 08533


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