Worthy Burger, South Royalton, VT


When it comes to finding restaurants while vacationing, Hubby and I tag team the task of searching the area beforehand for the best possible places to visit.

I use the phrase ‘tag team’ lightly, because, in most cases, it’s one of us planning all the dining options for an entire trip with the other chiming in last minute. Oddly enough, we legitimately tag team these roles.

For our trip to Vermont, I took charge, but during my King Arthur class, I overheard a classmate talking of an awesome burger joint and knew we had to squeeze it in somewhere among the stops I’d already planned.

As I cupped my ear, listening intently to the description of juicy burgers laid out on locally made brioche buns*, a quick googling was required in order to confirm the name of this glorious place was indeed, Worthy Burger.

*As in, so local they were made right in the building we were in.

Immediately, I loved the name, the vibe, and the atmosphere without even setting foot in the door.


I’ve gotten into the habit of taking pictures of my feet* when they find themselves planted in a unique area or beside words noting where I am. I’ve been storing up a whole folder of them, wondering when would be the right time to dump them all on you.

*Something my high school friends** would tell you is not a new habit, but a revisited habit of my youth.

**Hi, Amy!

Apparently, I’ve decided to go in small doses. This picture, believe it or not, is actually relevant. Due to either our GPS or the order of events which led to our parking, we ended up having to walk across train tracks to reach the restaurant.

And yes, I loved every second of it.


The employees were particularly giddy on this day because they had just added mixed drinks to their usually craft beer based drink menu.

Not being beer lovers ourselves, we humored their joys and ordered one of their Worthy drinks which came to us in a Worthy glass*.

*Did I mention I love their name?


I ordered the Freighthouse Burger: grass-fed beef, smoked cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, garlic aioli, all on a beautiful brioche roll.

Hubby was more adventurous and created his own burger with pickled habanero pineapple, bacon, and caramelized onions.

Even with the splendor of my burger, I might have been just a little jealous of his.


Being the dessert loving wild woman that I am, I seriously contemplated starting with dessert. I heard they served donuts made from the same place the brioche comes from, as well as, a rumor of deep fried brownies.

As luck would have it, they were out of deep fried brownies and had replaced them with peppermint brulee which was so divine, so rich, so creamy, it made me forget all about the brownies.

At least temporarily.


Because one dessert is simply not enough, we also tried their Worthy doughnuts served with a creme anglaise I could have drank from a cup.

If you go, ask for extra creme anglaise on the side and dunk those bad boys in. This was the end of our trip and I was acting like I was getting back on track for healthy eating*, so I pretended I didn’t need any more than a drizzle**.

*Yeah, right.

**But it would have made a great thing even greater.

I wish I could say next time I’m in the area I’ll most certainly be visiting Worthy Burger, but it’s just not true.

I’ll be visiting Worthy Kitchen, their sister restaurant serving up the Worthy Burger, along with poutine, buttermilk fried chicken, brisket, and so much more.

Worthy Burger
56 Rainbow Street
South Royalton, Vermont 05068


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