Our Stay at Trapp Family Lodge

You are going to receive a Vermont overload today as viewed from the Trapp Family Lodge. I’m going to try not to interrupt the beauty with too much chatter, however, I have included a few photos to walk you through their lovely indoor facilities.

But first…


I fell absolutely, positively in love with this view.

The Trapp Family Lodge isn’t your typical ski lodge. Though they offer the standard staples, the character and atmosphere of the property make them more than just a place to prop your skis up.


I worried the beds might be antiquated in the fashion of a homey bed and breakfast, but I was happy to discover comfortable mattresses and fresh, soft, white sheets*.

*These simple things can make or break an overnight stay–anywhere!

And no…we aren’t living in a 1950’s sitcom and sleeping in separate beds. When we booked we weren’t able to get a room with a king-sized bed. This room was fine by me!


Everything in decor displays a proud Austrian heritage. The staff wear traditional Austrian costume, which helps to spread the Austrian enchantment throughout the property.

Guests are provided copies of daily events of which movies, fitness center activities, tours* of the facilities, and more are listed. The property boasts of no chairlift needed for skiing the variety of trails, and also offers snowshoe tours and horse drawn sleigh rides. Included in the onsite facilities is a sugar house, greenhouse, brewery, deli/bakery, and chapel**.

*Because we packed so much into our short time there I missed out on the sugar maple tour and the pigs in the pasture tour. They sound awesome, right?

**A eventful tale of our experience visiting the chapel coming soon.

The view from our balcony

IMG_4970 Even the toilet paper is adorable


St. George’s Hall screens classic films nightly. On our first night, I stretched out in the back of the room and enjoyed a bit of The Wizard of Oz.


Then switched over to some light balcony reading.


They also have a beautiful library and sitting room filled with live plants that even on the bleakest winter days make the room come to life.


I can’t wrap my head around outdoor hot tubs in the winter, but in Vermont it seems all the lodges have them and they are open year round.


It wasn’t so cold when we were there, so I didn’t get to experience the transition from frigid outdoor temps into boiling hot tub.

Now, I know, I could have just told you they have an indoor swimming pool, but look at this:


Who doesn’t love to have a swim in a beautifully designed building that stares out windows facing a mountain range?

And now, I will stop talking so much and let you enjoy my attempts at capturing the splendor of Trapp Family Lodge.




Yes, one of my favorite views, of which I’m sure you aren’t too surprised, is their buffet breakfast. Farm to table goodness.


The outdoor view of the dining room…those lucky people!

At the time, fall was just beginning to poke its head out and I wanted to make sure to capture a few striking spots of fall color.

SAM_6220 SAM_6222

SAM_6226 SAM_6232
Talk about purple mountain majesties!


While the basic German to English translation for ‘auf wiedersehen’ is goodbye, I like the more literal translation it holds of, ‘until we see again’.

So, auf wiedersehen, Trapp Family Lodge…I do hope it will be soon.


Trapp Family Lodge
700 Trapp Hill Rd
Stowe, Vemont 05672


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