The Return to Ben and Jerry’s

Our last time at the Ben and Jerry’s Factory, spending any time outside was out of the question. We took the tour, then squeezed indoors with other crazy folk like ourselves to enjoy a bowlful of goodness.


While the factory tour itself isn’t exactly something one might want to revisit, we did. Our last tour was during the weekend, which meant we could see into the factory, but no one was working.

For some reason, I desperately wanted to see people working. I suppose I wanted some kind of validation that Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is actually made by human beings and not angels sent down to earth to bless us with pints of heavenly bliss.


This time around, we sat outside to enjoy our treats, as many other patrons did as well.


Rather than get a flavor I already know I love, I decided to try their new flavor, “Empower Mint” as a brownie sundae. This flavor was part of their “Democracy is in your Hands” campaign as a way to support their call to action regarding the current election and the Voting Rights Act.

While I don’t like to get political, this flavor definitely gets my vote. The problem with most mint ice cream is that they throw chocolate chips in, and while I love a good cookie dough ice cream, straight up chocolate chips can sometimes be a little boring and rough on the teeth. Empower Mint switches up the old mint chocolate chip game and adds…wait for it…fudge brownie* and fudge swirls.

*Yes, I had brownie with an ice cream made already with brownie in it. No regrets.

IMG_4983 IMG_4985

A short walk behind the factory lies a rather somber spot: The Flavor Graveyard

IMG_4987 IMG_4993


The Flavor Graveyard is where rejected and retired flavors have been laid to rest.


I have been eating Ben and Jerry’s long enough that some, like the above “Fossil Fuel”, were flavors I at some time or another enjoyed.


Wishing he had known the White Russian ice cream


Milk, sugar, and cream against the backdrop of mountains


The most beautiful sight of all


When our mourning for long lost flavors subsided, we noticed across the RV and trailer parking lot a few black and white beauties.


No matter how I tried to sweet talk them, they refused to look at me.


I tried calling them by their numbers, I tried giving them names like “Bessie”, yet still, they ignored me.


Then 4518, better known as Bessie, gave me the side eye.


But 4520 and friend continued to play me.

Still, I thanked them for their contribution to Ben and Jerry’s*, and went on my way.

*Though, let’s be real, I’m pretty sure they were just there for show.

Ben & Jerry’s Factory
1281 Waterbury Stowe Road
Waterbury, Vermont


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