A Vermont Weekend

Five years ago, we began taking weekend getaways in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Last year, being new dog owners and all, we decided against going away and had a cozy* little celebration at home. This year, I wanted my Valentine’s weekend back and I knew exactly where I wanted to go: Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont.** … More A Vermont Weekend

Driving for Warmth

When the temperature outside is cold enough to induce frost bite in minutes, what does one do? In Stowe, to our surprise, they still ski. We were informed by our desk clerk that if we were going to ski, we needed to have zero exposed skin. I couldn’t imagine who would willingly choose to ski … More Driving for Warmth

Elegance Dropped Down

  Being that I was in charge of our Valentine’s weekend trip, I was also responsible for planning all meals. After limiting my search only to Stowe, I opened it up to the surrounding cities and discovered ‘Hen of the Wood’ in Waterbury, Vermont.* *Literally on the outskirts of Stowe. In fact, we drove through … More Elegance Dropped Down