Adrienne’s Pizza Bar, NYC

For over ten years, I visited New York City having never tried a slice of pizza there. In New Jersey, everyone has an opinion regarding pizza; friendships are made and broken over which is the better slice. This debate spreads from joints located across the street of one another to locations counties apart.

That in mind, it always seemed best to not even involve a New York slice in the argument.

But a small part of me felt like I was missing out. Of course, no matter what, I knew that Jersey had the best slice around, but the foodie inside of me was begging for the experience.


We have now been to three different pizza joints in NYC (plus one in Brooklyn), and Adrienne’s is the one that made us return.*

*In all fairness, the second place we went to was pretty incredible as well, only it serves up a more unusual slice. Be watching for that post in the future.

Adrienne’s Pizza Bar is located in the Financial District where we happened to be spending the day. It was a toss up between Adrienne’s and another location which ended up being closed, so to Adrienne’s we went.

We weren’t even in the restaurant when I knew that I was in love…


The adorable outdoor seating area and the street long expanse of specialty restaurants set the mood for the meal I was about to devour.

Our second visit came on a much hotter day, and though the street wasn’t quite as packed, the jive that drew me in the first time still lingered in the air.


Both times we ordered the same exact thing, except on our first visit our waitress convinced me to order a slice of Nutella cake to go.

And from that moment on, she was my personal hero.

The cake was rich, without being too filling, and full of smooth chocolate and nutty flavor, everything that makes Nutella so wonderful.



Back to the pizza.

They offer a variety of round pizzas, but we’re stuck on their old fashioned pizza.* Order it red or white ($1 more for white), then go crazy with their wide selection of toppings ranging from extra sauce and basil to classics like mushrooms and extra cheese to something a little more wild like broccoli rabe or prosciutto. Their meatballs were too hard to resist the second time**. I don’t know how they do it, but the meatballs end up with a slightly crisp edge to them, while still maintaining moisture inside.

*However, I have seen a few other tables order from the round pizza menu and it looks like artisan perfection.

**Though we contemplated sausage, especially after noticing at another table that it is the crumbled up kind instead of sliced sausage.

The prices are very much New York prices, which is a little steep, and truly the only negative about the place. I’d recommend skipping alcohol and ordering more pizza…or vodka rigatoni. I can’t resist it. Both times I had to have it as a side, and both times I ate the entire bowl with no regrets.

The best part of their old fashioned pizza is that it reminds me so much of my favorite slice in New Jersey, but without being distinctly the same. Adrienne’s has its own personality and flavors, and, in all truth, if I couldn’t get my favorite in NJ, Adrienne’s would be the place I’d turn to.

Adrienne’s Pizza Bar
54 Stone Street
New York, NY 10004
(212) 248-3838


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