1984 on Broadway

In June, I received a text from Hubby about a new show on Broadway. Now friends, this is a little unusual, because, let’s be real, 90% of the shows Hubby has seen on Broadway have been for me. One of his few favorites was an off Broadway production of Pygmalion*. *And, you guessed it, not … More 1984 on Broadway

Generation Selfie

I’m often an overly emotional person. Outwardly I fool people with my mean muggin’, but deep down I’m processing every little detail going on. Our most recent trip to New York started on a somber note with our trip to the 9/11 Memorial (LINK), so by the time we reached Lady Liberty, I was already … More Generation Selfie

Is this the Subway?

As soon as I experienced the Boston subway, I knew I had to blog about it. Because if you have ever, even just once with someone who knew what they were doing but you didn’t so you left terrified and confused,┬átaken a ride on the New York subway, you will understand how drastically different what … More Is this the Subway?

Buttercup Bake Shop

Now that summer is over and my mission to enjoy as much ice cream as possible has ended*, I’m back to scanning for bakeries, rather than ice cream shops, during my travels. On our Halloween Adventure trip, while speed walking down 7th avenue with bellies rumbling for lunch, I spotted Buttercup Bake Shop. *Truth moment: … More Buttercup Bake Shop

Readying for Halloween

We did not celebrate Halloween in the home I grew up in. We did the whole ‘Harvest Celebration’ substitution that certain Christian homes subscribe to. Somewhere during the time when I was already an adult and my younger two brothers were still teens, the word Halloween was allowed to be mentioned. And then, all hell … More Readying for Halloween