5 Reasons I Blog

Usually when the topic of blogging rolls around in group conversation, those who recall that I have a blog turn to me and say, “You’re really the only person I know who consistently writes a blog.”

I take this comment as a compliment, because the only alternative is to over analyze and translate it into this:

“Why would anyone waste their time doing that?”

Friends, I have been blogging since 2011. I’ve blogged when my schedule was packed and when it was light, though admittedly I have been more consistent in posting now that my schedule is lighter. As someone who enjoys writing and is striving to eventually get that book deal, it is pretty much required to have a blog of some sort. Unfortunately, before the Internet, writers were allowed to dwell in their introverted lifestyles of locking themselves in a room never to be seen until the time came to go to publisher’s doors with their completed manuscript. Today you need a social media presence, followers, likes, and while you might still be scribbling away in your favorite place of seclusion, several times a week you need to share something with the world so they still know you exist.

It’s great.*

*Sarcasm doesn’t always come through in blogging, so I’m going to confirm for you, yes, that was a sarcastic comment.

100th 5

From my 100th post on my first blog

Although I started blogging because, as said, it is pretty much expected of writers to have a blog, there are positives I have drawn from blogging that have made it something I actually enjoy.

1- It is a way to get my thoughts out. I’m not someone who wears her emotions on her sleeve for everyone to see via social media, however, when I have a pressing thought or something that I feel needs to be said, I can write about it and share it with the world.

2- It is a digital collection of my life. As you know, I blog about pretty much everything and anything I find interesting, amusing, excitingimportant. In doing so, my blog is pretty much a living photo album.


Pop (2)

Memory left for me by my Pop

3- It gets the creative juices flowing. I enjoy writing, but sometimes need a consistent way to turn my brain on and get thinking. While I also do writing prompts, my blog is something that I’m always thinking about. Unlike my current work in progress, my blog doesn’t need to be perfectly polished. Though I strive to improve my writing always, even in my blog, sometimes it’s nice to allow something raw and rough around the edges to be shared.

4- It keeps my family and friends up to date with my life. Let’s face it, it’s hard to tell everyone every detail, and to top it off, it’s hard to remember who you’ve told which details to. While I could just dump all the photos I take into a Facebook album, I love being able to relive my adventures by writing about them.

tattoos (2)

Documenting my first tattoo

5- It lets me share with the world things I love, as well as, mistakes I’ve made. It’s equally pleasing for me to find someone who loves something I love and someone who has suffered a similar embarrassment of life. Then, we can share something we love together (like drinking coffee) while laughing about our mistakes (like falling down while taking a picture).

SlowtoAnger (2)

One of my more embarrassing mistakes. Yes, that’s plastic.

Note: The pictures in today’s post are from my first blog: Somewhere That’s Green


Sometimes it’s nice to remember where you started.*

*And to then thoroughly thank God for the improvement you’ve made.


3 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Blog

  1. I, for one, love reading your blog. On a side note: have I seen that tattoo before? I feel like I would have remembered seeing it. Either way, love it!


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