Fuku+/Milk Bar, NYC

I read once that based on the number of restaurants in New York City, you could eat every meal at a different restaurant and, without factoring in the rate of restaurants opening and closing, never eat at the same place in at least 20 years.

I love this. It is also a reason that it is extremely difficult for me to visit a restaurant more than once when in the city.* Some of my favorite places have been of a hole in the wall nature or the underground kind that you have to walk twice around the block in order to find.

*Though don’t be fooled, there are at least two restaurants I have gone to twice because I loved them so much.

Fuku falls into this category, as does Milk Bar. The two, though completely separate in what they offer, are sister companies, thus why I’ve smushed them into the same post. Both have several locations in the city, but the location we went to was rather interesting.

In order to get to Fuku+, where we planned on having dinner, you have to walk through Milk Bar whose line for ice cream and other treats leads out the front door.


Once we figured out exactly what was going on, we pushed by the line of ice cream savages and were greeted by the hostess desk for Má Pêche, a sit down restaurant also affiliated with Fuku* located on the lower level.

*And yes, I’m going to have to go there…next time.

Beyond was Fuku+ which is essentially a bar that serves up a selection of Fuku specialties like the spicy chicken sandwich, Sichuan pork flatbread, and other finger/bar foods.


Our waiter raved about the 165 Iced Tea Slushie, and it was half-priced at the time, so I ordered it. Imagine a long island iced tea slushie machine and you’ll know exactly the goodness that I enjoyed.


We both ordered chicken sandwiches, Lance the spicy and mine a special–it wasn’t spicy. Both brought to mind a Chick-Fil-A sandwich…and we all know how incredible those are. Mine had a sweet and tangy slaw on it and the rolls were soft and fresh.


The atmosphere at Fuku+ was laid back. It is a great place to grab a quick drink and bite to eat with gourmet flair.

After eating, we trudged to the back of Milk Bar’s line so we could experience their famous cereal milk ice cream dipped in cornflakes.


Though you know I am unquestionably a dessert lover, this was the day of the Nutella milkshake and the thought of more ice cream made me feel so bloated that I might as well have tied a string to my toes and float away like a balloon*.

*Or something more along the lines of what happened to Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

So I tasted Hubby’s and grabbed some of their prepacked cookies to go.


I wish, oh how I wish, I had tried their truffles, a slice of crack pie (oat crust with gooey butter filling), or, what I later learned they served, their cereal milk affogato.

All dessert lovers, and breakfast lovers* alike, must give Milk Bar a try. It is dessert of a different making than ordinary–and quite the experience, for sure.

*Specifically, milk and cereal fanatics.

Má Pêche
Milk Bar
15 W. 56th Street
between 5th + 6th Ave
New York, NY 10019


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