Melt Shop, NYC


Back in May, I thought I found the sandwich joint of my dreams in Lancaster City only to later discover it was a pretty standard sandwich shop. My issue involved seeing the word ‘grilled’ next to ‘sandwich’ and my mind naturally adding the word ‘cheese’ in between.*

*As is only ordinary and proper.

Simple eats made fancy is basically what I live for in the foodie world. Finding a place that could spice up an ordinary grilled cheese, which is already practically perfect in every way, remained a thing of great importance to me.

We found what I had been searching for in New York City, of course.


While Melt Shop does offer a Classic (American and cheddar on white bread), what caught my eye, and what my soul longed for, was the Wisco: sharp cheddar, brick spread, bacon, and sliced tomato on white.

Still, there were others that made me wish I was hungrier. Unfortunately, having already had brunch that day, we were in that stage of ‘a little, but not a lot, hungry’. Translation: We planned to split a sandwich.

While Melt Shop is obviously on the ‘faster’ food side, it isn’t fast food. Once your sandwich is ordered, there is a decent wait time in order for the ordinary bread* and cheese to meld together as the outside becomes soaked, yet also crisp, with butter.

*Though, this isn’t your local grocery store’s bagged bread. It is fresh baked, artisan bread that is as big as its flavor is bold.

Next time, I’m interested in their Big Skinny (mozzarella, grilled mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, arugula, peppers, vinaigrette on sourdough–sans mushrooms for me).


For sides, Melt Shop sets you back to your elementary cafeteria with tater tots: plain, loaded, or cheesy.

Though the grilled cheese drew us to Melt Shop, it was the Nutella milkshake that really had me ooing and ahhing. If you are a fan of Nutella–this is a must have for you. If you aren’t a fan of Nutella, give it a try. It will make your day a little brighter, put some pep in your step–change your world!!!!!*

*Sorry for all the enthusiasm, but Nutella on its own is a thing of splendor; Nutella with ice cream is downright heaven sent.


From the short amount of time we spent in Melt Shop, the demand for their crisp, buttery, cheesy sandwiches presented itself in the form of seats that never emptied and a front door that never seemed to close. This wasn’t just the afternoon lunch rush, oh no. It was late afternoon, so late, the other lunch joint next door sat void of a single customer.


After several attempts at getting a decent shot of him, I went for the one that said it all: Mouth full of goodness.

Melt Shop
Various NY locations
Also located in: Mall of America



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