My! Isn’t That Fascinating?

Today’s post is dedicated to things that have recently fascinated me. Perhaps some will fascinate you as well. Most likely, they will more so show that it does not take much to fascinate me.

1.Golf in the Olympics.

Watching the Olympics is addicting. In the past, my personal favorite summer events have been cycling, gymnastics, and beach volleyball. My newfound hobby, golf, is now back in the Olympics after a 112 year hiatus. Crazy.


I nearly jumped from my seat after seeing Justin Rose’s hole in one. From 189 yards away, with his 7-iron, his tee shot lifted into the air, dropped on the green, and rolled perfectly into the hole*.


*Would you like to know what I can do with my 7-iron? Not that.


Perhaps my most impressive practice shot…I’ll leave it to your imagination how far away I was.

2. Garlic


Any ordinary person probably wouldn’t find it surprising, nor exciting, to see garlic in this state…but of course, I’m not any ordinary person. I gasped, then automatically pulled out my phone to snap a picture of garlic heads in a state I have never before seen them. This led to a Google search for why they looked this way. Apparently, when garlic grows, long green tops that look almost like bamboo grow from the head. They are then ‘cured’, a process which makes them turn to the pictured state above, and then the tops are cut off.


3. Chocolate Portraits

You know ice cream is on my Summer Want To List. While we were in New York a few weeks ago, amidst sweltering heat, I needed ice cream. This led us to Max Brenner, aka chocolate from the gods.


Sam nonchalantly trying use her cell phone while keeping still.

While waiting for my 80’s milkshake (chocolate ganache, vanilla ice cream, crunchy chocolate shell–yes!) the chocolate artist* came back and asked if one of us would like our portrait done in chocolate.

*Best job ever.

It would have been wrong of me to not recommend my SIL, Sam, for the task.


With paper made of sugar, Sam was able to nibble on her portrait for the rest of the trip.


4. Bathroom Art


This phrase was particularly intriguing, and of course, I Googled the phrase. I then discovered the one-act play titled, ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’, an obscure selection to quote in a coffee shop bathroom.



5. Beauty in Unusual Places

I’m not sure how this happens, but it did and it’s positively perfect.

And, absolutely…


6. Rockn’ Joe turned Track 5


Hold on. Let’s just take in this picture for a moment…

Lance’s work coffee place was always Rockn’ Joe. Then, without any warning or notice, it changed overnight to Track 5 coffee. From what I understand, from yet again a quick Google search, the ownership changed, the rock and roll theme dropped, and the coffee shop will soon be expanding.

Sounds good to me.

The beauty pictured above was a specialty vanilla latte and yes, those are sugar cookies crumbled on top of a mountain of whipped cream.


*And yes, I drank that whole thing!




I think the lesson we’ve all learned here today is that we would be lost without Google…or, at least, we would be a lot less informed, but perhaps, even more fascinated.


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