Broad Street Dough

When friends of ours told us about Broad Street Dough Co. Lance and I knew we would have to visit…immediately.  We’ve had our share of losers after we latched onto the fresh donut craze in Norfolk, VA. Norfolk was only the beginning. From there we made it our mission to discover warm, fresh donuts in our own neighborhood–you may recall my post on Uncle Dood’s Donuts.


Broad Street Dough is tucked in an ordinary shopping plaza complete with next door coffeehouse, Rook. (Coming soon to Coffeehouse Adventures?)

While their donuts were not served piping hot as Uncle Dood’s are, what I loved about Broad Street, and what makes them a definite return trip donut shop, was their creativity.


Not only do they serve specialty donuts such as the ‘Creamsicle’ coated in orange, vanilla and powdered sugar or the ‘Brunch Broad’ covered in maple glaze and cinnamon sugar, but they also have inside-out and stuffed donuts!

Because of these menu items, I can understand why the donuts need to be cooled rather than piping hot. As we waited for our order, we watched as donuts were sliced in half to be filled and then decorated. The ‘Queen B’ filled with Bavarian cream and topped with a drizzle of caramel had a dollop of the best black raspberry preserves of my life! However, my favorite was a special seasonal creation that had Lance not ordered, I would have completely missed out on. It was an donut stuffed with perfect cannoli cream and coated in apple spice and cinnamon sugar.


For donuts to impress me they need to be fresh and they need to be creative…and Broad Street Dough Co. fit the bill.

Broad Street Dough Co., 2005 State Route 35, Oakhurst, NJ 07755


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