O’s Donuts: Norfolk, VA

Donuts will never be the same for me again.

I hesitated to post about this particular donut location because, as perhaps you can tell from the title, it is not located in Jersey. This isn’t necessarily a problem for this blog and its brand new theme; after all, I’ve purposefully created a category titled “Jersey Travels” specifically for stops and eats ventured outside of Jersey. However, it is a problem that once I enjoyed O’s Donuts I almost immediately discovered that Jersey has its fair share of similar donut locations. It was almost as if the Jersey donut gods knew I was getting ready to declare another donut home to be the most amazing thing in the entire world. They hunted me down and made sure I realized that while O’s is phenomenal, I won’t need to wait for another trip to Virginia to enjoy hot, fresh, made-to-order donuts.

That said, let’s turn our attention away from Jersey for just one sec and focus on the hot, sweet, sugary temptation that O’s Donuts is serving up.

Some sort of sheer magic* led Lance to discover O’s Donuts on our last night in Virginia. We already had plans to stop at a bagel place for breakfast, but that certainly would not keep us from checking out what O’s had to offer.

*Sheer magic in the form of Google Maps.


Do you prefer a cakey or an airy donut? This is the only item of importance before we carry on. While I’m a friend to any donut, my heart lies with cake donuts. (Hello DD’s chocolate glazed donut, I’m looking at you!). O’s Donuts has one donut. One single, delicious, warm, deep fried, cakey donut. The magic happens when you step up to order.


You become the creative genius as you pick between coatings (glaze/frosting) and toppings for each individual donut ordered. The only issue you’ll experience is wanting to try every single coating and realizing that your thighs are going to be very angry if you actually choose to.


I couldn’t help but creep on this donut expert as he coated and topped the order ahead of ours. I needed to lift my jaw from the floor as I stared in awe at the delicate combination of skill and simplicity that went into making the best donuts of my life.


We didn’t get too crazy. We ordered a basic glazed donut, a chocolate frosted, a key lime pie glaze with graham cracker crumbs, and a vanilla frosted with Oreo crumbs.


Since the base of each donut is the same, it was almost impossible to pick an absolute favorite. The basic glazed has ruined ordinary glazed donuts for me for the rest of my existence. But don’t be fooled. The other coatings mixed with their prospective (or in some cases, not so prospective) toppings create a drastically different delicious donut* experience. *How’s that for alliteration? We were as practical as we could be with our method of eating this box of four donuts. It would have been absolutely crazy to inhale four donuts between us after having just enjoyed a light breakfast of bagels and coffee. But we also had these warm, freshly prepped donuts wafting their sugar laced scent towards us. So, we chose two donuts, cut them in half and gave them a try. Then half an hour…alright, maybe fifteen minutes later we tried the other two. With our remaining halves we waited until hours later when they reached room temperature. We needed to find out if they still held up to the flavor and texture we experienced while they were warm. I was pleased to experience the same cakey texture without any lack in flavor.


Driving home, over five hours away, I had to keep myself from thinking too much on the fact that Virginia was home to such beautiful donut perfections. The only relief I have found is knowing that hot, fresh, made-to-order donuts do exisit in New Jersey. It is now my mission to track down every location as soon as possible in order to devour their donuts and compare their worth.


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