When in Berlin, Maryland…

Our stop at the irresistibly delicious O’s Donuts occurred towards the end of our Memorial Day/Hubby’s Birthday vacation to Virginia Beach. This post will take you to the opposite end of our trip, about three hours into our drive to be exact. This was when my hunger demon started to rise within me and we knew that food was necessary in order for us both to reach Virginia in once piece.

Ordinarily, even in hunger demon situations, I hem and haw over where we should go to eat for fear that I’ll pick a loser. I had reached such a desperate point of needing food that I was deliriously excited over the restaurant choices that popped up in my frantic Google search. I immediately directed our car (that Lance was driving, of course) towards the town of Berlin, MD.


Though our meal at Rayne’s Reef, a soda fountain and grill which can be seen in the movie “Runaway Bride”, was satisfying (I especially loved the cookies n’ cream milkshake we shared), it was the town itself and…the second sugary delight we discovered towards the end that made us fall in love with Berlin.


Berlin was dreamy…in fact, it was so much like a dream I barely took any pictures! At first, it was a mission of getting fed. But then as we walked a little, it became clear that we had stumbled upon an adorable town filled with antique shops, boutiques, restaurants, and…a cupcake shop.


I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of this antique ice chest. Notice where it is from?

The worst part is that we almost didn’t go in. I was feeling bad about how much of our “shared” milkshake I drank, and thought piling a cupcake on top would just be obnoxious. Then Hubby reminded me we were on vacation and suddenly it was allowable for all care to be thrown into the wind.


This cupcake shop matches with the mood and feel of Berlin beautifully. It isn’t overwhelmingly large, doesn’t have any ridiculous bells and whistles, it’s just a tiny purple building with one thought in mind: cupcakes. It was so modest in appearance that again, I almost didn’t go in.

When Hubby finally pulled me inside, we immediately saw a proud sign notifying customers that Cupcakes in Bloom had been on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars! While they weren’t the winner of their particular episode, Lance and I both agreed that the taste of their cupcakes was actually better than another cupcake place we visited (which will remain unnamed) which actually won Cupcake Wars.


Lance ordered the Honey Bee cupcake, an almond cake with honey cream cheese frosting. I love love love LOVE pistachio cake, so after tasting a bite, I was wishing just a teensy bit that we had split our cupcakes.

I have been on a major key lime pie kick, so I ordered their Key Lime Pie cupcake. I could literally kick myself over not taking a picture of the inside of my cupcake. Not only did it have a tangy lime filing, but the bottom of the cupcake was a graham cracker crust.

Both cupcakes were incredibly dense, with a perfect thickness that kept the entire cupcake from crumbling apart when a bite was taken. (I love cupcakes like this!).

Shhh….don’t tell Hubby, but I think I may have to strategically plan a way to convince him to take me on a day trip back to Berlin, MD.


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