My Boos Block

As a thank you for my planning our family cruise, my family bought me the Boos Block table I had my eye on since I took that King Arthur class last May. They’re the best.* *I mean my family, but the table is the best, too! I tend to keep new things boxed up for … More My Boos Block

The Ten Year Change

When we first moved into our home in somewhere close to 1872, we needed a new oven. We bought the cheapest, simplest model available at our local home improvement store. Back then it didn’t matter, because a stove’s purpose was to keep us alive. It wasn’t this magical key into a blissful world filled with … More The Ten Year Change

New to My Kitchen

Never in my childhood, teenage years, or young adult life did I think shopping for kitchenware would thrill me. However, somewhere along the way, food became not only exciting to eat, but also to make. I now find myself able to spend hours in one small store debating between pastry tips and marveling over tea … More New to My Kitchen