My Boos Block

As a thank you for my planning our family cruise, my family bought me the Boos Block table I had my eye on since I took that King Arthur class last May.

They’re the best.*

*I mean my family, but the table is the best, too!

I tend to keep new things boxed up for a few months before using them as a way to linger over the feelings of whatever celebration brought them my way.

With this table, it was only a matter of a day before it was assembled and my old table went into storage.

For the first couple of weeks, I babied my table, refusing to put anything on it, and not even using it for its main purpose: croissant making. I suppose this was my way of keeping it in the box.

Finally, I had to make croissants and the table had to have its inauguration into the part it was meant to play in my world of kitchen tools.


I don’t know what my deal is, but I only post about my baking adventures on Snapchat



Challah bread


It’s almost high enough to keep away pesky puppies


Cinnamon roll making


Valentine’s Day sugar cookie making


In comparison to the metal surface of my old table, this table is a thousand times better, especially when it comes to working with various kinds of dough directly on the surface.

Like always, I’m definitely not trying to sell you something here.

I love my table. And that is all.



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