New to My Kitchen

Never in my childhood, teenage years, or young adult life did I think shopping for kitchenware would thrill me. However, somewhere along the way, food became not only exciting to eat, but also to make. I now find myself able to spend hours in one small store debating between pastry tips and marveling over tea towel designs.

Knowing my weakness, I avoid stopping in stores like Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma. If I peruse too long, suddenly ‘just looking’ turns into stacking my arms with as much as they can carry. It’s similar to the Target disease most women have.* I’m pretty sure there is no cure.

*Go into Target for one thing, leave with twenty—and not the one item you needed.



In my defense, this time I had a gift card and planned to buy a few pastry tips and a specific cookie cutter needed for a recipe.

Hubby wasn’t there. I blame his not being there for my lack of control.

Before I reached the baking section, I saw the pasta rack. If you read my homemade pasta post, you know this was a necessity.

As was the gnocchi roller, because why should a fork have to do the work of a gnocchi roller?


I have no excuse for these tea towels. They were ‘on sale’ and I must use quotes here because their ‘on sale’ price is what I’d ordinarily pay for two instead of only one.


But they have my favorite things written on them and I needed them!


I just, literally just, took these off my Amazon list. I’d had them there for years thinking one day I’d cave in and buy them. While going through a list purge, I got rid of them. When I saw them ‘on sale’* and decided it was time.

*They were $1 cheaper than Amazon.


This spatula was my real impulse buy. Considering the large number of spatulas I already own I had no need for it…


…but I knew it would be super cute with my Paula Deen spatula from Savannah.

What’s new to your kitchen? What new gadgets, unnecessary spatulas or tea towels have you added to your collection?


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