Buttercup Bake Shop

Now that summer is over and my mission to enjoy as much ice cream as possible has ended*, I’m back to scanning for bakeries, rather than ice cream shops, during my travels. On our Halloween Adventure trip, while speed walking down 7th avenue with bellies rumbling for lunch, I spotted Buttercup Bake Shop. *Truth moment: … More Buttercup Bake Shop

Readying for Halloween

We did not celebrate Halloween in the home I grew up in. We did the whole ‘Harvest Celebration’ substitution that certain Christian homes subscribe to. Somewhere during the time when I was already an adult and my younger two brothers were still teens, the word Halloween was allowed to be mentioned. And then, all hell … More Readying for Halloween

Finally Fall!

It’s the first day of fall!!! I’ve been looking forward to this day for…well, all year long. Admit it. This is how you feel on the first day of fall, too. Though summer brings about a needed relief from the bitter cold of winter, fall always is the season I want to press ‘pause’ on … More Finally Fall!

Shoo Fly Pie, Dutch Haven

While the list of things to do in LancasterĀ is endless,* any tripĀ remains incomplete without stopping to purchase shoo fly pie. *Buggy rides, discount shopping, Sight and Sound Theatres, The Amish Experience, Biblical Tabernacle Reproduction**, endless buffets, furniture shopping…to name a few. **AKA, The Hebrew Tabernacle, as it was called when I was growing up. My … More Shoo Fly Pie, Dutch Haven

The Hershey Pantry

When a self-proclaimed foodie, such as myself, finds herself in Hershey, PA with a surprise addition of time during the lunch hour, Google becomes her best friend. After spending the morning of Labor Day shopping, and having a commitment that meant we needed to head home by late afternoon, I expected to only have time … More The Hershey Pantry