Four for Friday!

1. Did you know postal workers practice delivering mail?

We were driving home from breakfast and drove by a post office and saw this:


Lance promptly turned the car around so we could fully behold and attempt to comprehend this sight.

2. Labor Day

When I worked a real* job all the random days off brought a surge of cheer to my spirit. Now they ruin my productivity.

*Because apparently the work I do now is complete fantasy?

I’m not complaining, I promise. I love having Hubby home. I love celebrating our country. I love throwing care* to the wind. But then Tuesday comes and then Wednesday, and before I know it, it’s Friday and I still haven’t managed to get my ordinary schedule back on track.

*Aka, my To Do List.

What I’m saying is, I think today is Friday, but I can’t be sure because it feels like Thursday and I’m still on Tuesday’s To Do List.

3. Stitch: the greatest distraction to my To Do list.


I kind of roll my eyes at people who have video cams set up in their house solely to check in on their dogs when they are out, but right now a small part of me wishes I had one. Stitch hurt himself recently and for a few days wasn’t able to jump up. I’d love to see the footage to know what happened. I can only imagine what he did. Trip himself going up the stairs? Fall over the edge of the couch as he barked at the totally chill bulldog who walks down our street?

There was none of this going on for a few days:



He’s almost back to his usual, jumping on everything and everyone self, but he had me worried for a minute.

4. How adorable is this check book?


We recently had dinner at Cross & Orange in Asbury Park and this was how they gave you your check. Guests had written little notes on the blank pages in front and back.

I loved it.

Lance thought it was unsanitary.


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