Generation Selfie

I’m often an overly emotional person. Outwardly I fool people with my mean muggin’, but deep down I’m processing every little detail going on. Our most recent trip to New York started on a somber note with our trip to the 9/11 Memorial (LINK), so by the time we reached Lady Liberty, I was already … More Generation Selfie

Topgolf, Edison, NJ

I’m not a big bowler. I’ve tried, and it’s an activity that aggravates me. Lifting a weighted ball with one arm and throwing it in a straight line towards pins is simply a skill I do not naturally possess nor desire to perfect. I do, however, enjoy the environment. Friends, food, fun…yup, it’s all my … More Topgolf, Edison, NJ

Fall Followup

So much good occurs during the transition from fall to winter that I barely recognize my favorite season has gone away until we are already well into winter. It has officially been winter for a full week now, and time for a follow upĀ on my Fall Want To list. Fall turned out to occupy my … More Fall Followup