Rook Coffee, Monmouth County

Where coffeehouses are concerned, Rook Coffee is about as extraordinary as they come. At Rook, you won’t find espresso drinks, WiFi, or comfy couches with handmade wooden tables to spread your day’s work on. Rook considers themselves a ‘visionary coffee company’ and their coffee bars exist to get made to order cups of Joe into the hands of their endless line of customers en route to their daily activities across Monmouth County.

We’ve gone twice and it took me some time to let the concept sink in. An initial visit definitely brings about a deer in the headlights sensation of, Oh no! What, and how, do I order?

As I continue to embrace the concept and importance of single origin coffee, I’ve also cozied up to the Rook business model. Knowing the co-founders maintain relationships with the farmers supplying their beans communicates dedication towards excellence. Their commitment to producing the best cup of coffee possible outweighs the not-so-traditional coffeehouse vibe they have created. Instead of the usual space for customers to sit, European-style counters line the wall giving those who want to stop and stay a minute a place to do so.


Rook began in a 300-square foot building in 2010. Yikes, right? Now they have several locations across Monmouth county, and from my few visits I can attest they are well loved by the locals. On our most recent visit, Hubby and I stopped in Asbury Park for donuts* then headed to Rook’s Wall location for coffee. As we sat in the car sipping our coffee and divvying our donuts, we marveled at how the door hardly ever closed. Women in yoga pants, blue collar workers, hipsters, women dressed in blazers, people from every walk of life imaginable came in and out knowing they all shared one thing: a love for good coffee.

*Post coming soon!


The menu is broken down into a list of light–medium–dark roasts and cold brew offerings. Knowing we were purchasing a pound of coffee*, I couldn’t resist their current special: mocha mint style cold brew. The mocha was a subtle flavor, which I was thankful for because I don’t like for the taste of chocolate to overwhelm. The mint lingered in the background and was a refreshing change to ordinary cold brew. It was so good, I’m practicing reminding myself this was a special and I won’t always be able to go there for it.**

*Colombian, and yes, it was just as wonderful as my cold brew

**Though I’m now considering what life would be like if I stuck a few mint leaves into the first batch of cold brew I make this season. Game changer? Just maybe.

20170422_111451 20170422_113059

Rook Coffee
Location recently visited:
Olde Tudor Village
1924 Highway 35
Wall, NJ 07719


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