30 Days of Dinner Followup

Challenging myself to photograph my dinner for thirty days straight proved a task requiring mental agreement. I thought by making the challenge, the entirety of my mind knew of my mission, however, day one, a Saturday spent in New York, I ate a delicious steak at an adorable hole in the wall, hard to find, French restaurant and realized after cleaning my plate I had never photographed it. This continued for most dinners out and one eaten in. It reached a point where Hubby finally had to get on board with the project and ask, “Did you take a picture of your food yet?” before I plowed fork and knife into my meal.

While I am missing twenty percent of my dinners from the past thirty days, this little experiment proved educational. I learned my kitchen has the absolute worst lighting at 7:30 pm (our dinnertime). I learned the beauty of a photo series as such, and have loved, far more than I expected, looking through a month’s worth of dinner pictures and am especially proud that only one meal was repeated.*

*And not in exactly the same way, so it’s almost like that’s not even true.

24 Days of Dinner

April 3 (3) April 4April 5 (3) April 6 (2) April 7 (4) April 8 (2)  April 10 (1) April 11 (4)  April 12 (6) April 13 (8) April 14 (3) April 18 (2)April 19 (1) April 20 (4)April 21 (6) April 24 (2)April 25 (2) April 26 (2)
April 9 (1) April 15 (3)
April 27 (2) April 28 April 29 April 30


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