84 and Loving It

Four years ago, we celebrated my Gram’s 80th birthday with a surprise soiree.


Yesterday, she turned 84, and still doesn’t look a day over 50.


Because desserts are the best, we had a dessert celebration in her honor.*

*And perhaps I’ll post soon about the delicious cream puffs I decided on a whim to make.

Jonathan came over a few hours early which meant that every ten minutes I heard the question, “What do we do now, Gaga?”

In case you can’t tell, that meant he was super excited.

He noticed my DSLR sitting in the kitchen and asked if he could use it. To which I immediately said ‘yes’ in order to occupy his interest until the family started to arrive.

This led to some interesting pictures on my memory card.

IMG_5178 IMG_5181 IMG_5200 IMG_5180

This one was my favorite.

He captured a few nice pictures of Lance and me…


…though I did need to straighten them out a little.

I left this one unedited for your pleasure:


There simply wasn’t a good way to straighten this picture out without something in the shot still feeling as though it could slip out of the frame.


This was in response to, “Now funny face”.

I love the sincere joy Jon has for life. The unapologetic excitement he feels for the greatest and smallest things invigorates me and instantly cheers me up.


Likewise, my Gram has a positiveness towards life that is infectious. Gram lives the ‘life is too short’* philosophy.

*To argue, to be upset, to not eat the cake, to worry….and on and on.


Happy Birthday, Gram!

Keep inspiring us by doing what you do best: Just being you!!


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