30 Days of Dinner

This is not a Whole 30 post. Let’s get that question taken care of right away. My body was not made for that diet. However, in my body’s defense, I will note that I purchased the book and occasionally make the attempt to eat slightly healthier by making meals from it. But there’s no way … More 30 Days of Dinner

84 and Loving It

Four years ago, we celebrated my Gram’s 80th birthday with a surprise soiree. Yesterday, she turned 84, and still doesn’t look a day over 50. Because desserts are the best, we had a dessert celebration in her honor.* *And perhaps I’ll post soon about the delicious cream puffs I decided on a whim to make. … More 84 and Loving It

Life at 70 MPH

Flying to my destination often wins out over driving, however, the best part of giving in to a long road trip is undoubtedly views along the journey that could not be seen from above. With a schedule to keep and places to reach, pulling over to snap a picture of every perfect sunset or beautiful … More Life at 70 MPH

Fall Want To List

I so enjoyed my Summer Want To List that I thought a Fall Want To List was in order. This time around I had to fight the urge to add New Year’s resolution type items to the list. Hidden between the lines of my more exciting to do’s are things like: go regularly to the … More Fall Want To List