It’s Christmas Eve Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!


Please tell me you celebrate Christmas Eve Eve.

I didn’t always, however, out of necessity and the desire to stretch this holiday out to its fullest elastic potential, I began.

For as long as I have been on this beautiful earth, I have celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. Never did the giddy excitement of presents on Christmas morning keep me awake on Christmas Eve night or prematurely waken my parents from their slumber on Christmas Day.

Instead, my family has gathered together Christmas Eve night, right as it gets dark, to spend time together and share in gift giving.

This made things much much easier when everyone started getting married. I have never known the torture of having to divide attention between families or to have to choose one activity over another.

However, I found that Lance and my gift giving sort of got interrupted. We tried exchanging our gifts on Christmas Eve morning, Christmas Eve night, Christmas Day night, and none of it felt right. It felt like a hurried afterthought.

Enter Christmas Eve Eve.

It’s no big shebang. There aren’t any special traditions or schedule of events. It’s simply our night to be together and celebrate the holiday. Sometimes we go out, sometimes we stay in. Sometimes we open our gifts and then visit with family, sometimes we don’t. It’s our flexible holiday day…and I love it.

What do you do on Christmas Eve Eve?




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